About Us

Furnichaar.com is an online marketplace for furniture/home decor in Bangladesh.

Launched in 2020, we are a company that was started with the principal of:

- supporting open market data in the furniture industry in Bangladesh.

- introducing transparency on products, prices for the users.

We work with over 200 Manufacturers/Sellers by being a marketplace channel for them.

We are the industry enabler through data and see ourselves as a platform that connects buyers with sellers.

Our ESG guidelines will allow us in the future to:
- incorporate more women into the hand made craft industry through on-boarding and digitization.

- improve livelihood of the workers in the furniture industry through economic and social growth.

RJSC C-182104/2022

TIN : 597531336281

Trade License Dhaka North TRAD/DNCC/017396/2022

BIN : 005596112-0401